See some of the projects we have worked on in our long time in the industry.

From Cold Rooms to Factories, Chill stores to Production Facilities. We build a close relationship with our clients in order to provide them with exactly what they want and need.

We work extremely hard to ensure that all projects we take on are completed on-time and on-budget, as we know how important these factors are to our customers.

Continental Sausage Factory

Specialist flooring, stainless steel surface drains, insulated white walls and ceilings, doors, refrigeration equipment, electrical wiring, lighting, plumbing, heating and ventilation.
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1.2M ft Chill Store

This 1,200,000 cu.ft., 3000 pallet coldstore has been built to operate at -2oC but has been designed to be capable of operating at -25oC.
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Air Side Chill Store

This 180,000 cu.ft. Chill Store situated in one of the world’s busiest airports, is for the handling and storage of fresh salmon.
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State of the Art Meat Production Facility

This project was to convert an existing 20,000 square foot factory unit into a state of the art meat production facility
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Large Meat Production Facility

Acting as Principal Contractor, Demeva Refrigeration Ltd handled all aspects of the project. from planning permission and building control submission.
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Temp Controlled Warehouse Facility

This project redeveloped an existing warehouse space into a state of the art, temperature controlled warehouse and distribution centre
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New Turn Key Design

This project included production areas, packaging areas, loading bay, changing rooms, blast chiller, blast freezer and chilled storage areas. The store capacity was 3,185m3 (112,494ft3)
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Low Temp Freezer Coldstore

This project included a new low temperature freezer cold store and a new multi product blast freezer facility.
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Dry Storage, Coldstores & Alterations

Our initial brief was to design and build a new dry storage unit, new coldstores and to carry out alterations to the existing chill facility.
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Abattoir Production Facility

This project included a production hall, carcass blast chills, maturation chills, butchery cutting room, by products room, concrete kerbs, and meat hanging rail system.
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New Bakery Facility

In this project we provided PIR insulated panels, creating production areas, chill rooms, a spiral blast chiller and a wash room.
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