HCFC Phase Out

The first phase of the HCFC phase out has now been with us since
31st December 2009. It is now illegal to use virgin HCFCs to maintain or service
refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

The complete ban on the use of HCFCs comes into effect on 1st January 2015.
This ban includes the use of reclaimed and recycled HCFC products.

In the interim period we are seeing the availability of HCFCs such as recycled R22
become more and more scarce. The cost of these products is also dramatically
increasing and will continue to do so until the full ban comes into place.

The proportion of older plant still in operation and running on R22 for example, is
still alarmingly high. By contacting Demeva Refrigeration Ltd now we can visit your
site and carry out a free assessment and survey of your plant. We can then provide
a tailor made solution based on your needs.