Dry Storage, New Coldstores, Alterations

Completed Project

Our initial brief was to design and build a new dry storage unit, new coldstores and to carry out alterations to the existing chill facility.

The completed coldstores carried a capacity of 7,050m3 (250,000ft3) and 4,290m3 (151,500ft3) and held a temperature of -23°C.

An example of some of the equipment used in this project is shown below:

  • 5No BCU 6F 25.2Y Acoustic Condensing Units
  • 5No Kuba SGBE 56 F82 Evaporators and Controllers
  • 2No BCU 6F 40.2Y Acoustic Condensing Units
  • 2No Kuba SGBE F63 Evaporators and Controllers